Graham Bendel Short Biography

Graham Bendel once used to sweep floors in a cake factory, off Cricklewood.

He has read fiction, stories and poetry at the Guildford Book Festival (x2), the Southend Arts Festival and London's Barbican Centre.

Has written for New Statesman and Big Issue.

He made a British Independent Film Award Nominated documentary called Billy Childish Is Dead* and is currently curating an event at the Barbican.

He has DJed on the same bills as Danny Rampling, Alex Turnbull (23 Skidoo), Mark Moore, Eddie Piller and Boy George, etc. And played at venues ranging from The Wag, The Fridge, Jazz Cafe and used to guest at the legendary Blow Up at the Laurel Tree (mod/Britpop club).

He recently found out he is related to Maurice Girodias of The Olympia Press (who published Hemingway, Nabokov, Genet and Samuel Beckett in the 50s and 60s). Ironic, as Girodias has been an influence (despite all the bad things about him)..

He once tried to break up a David Irving meeting and was chased around Victoria by skinheads.

Bendel's most recent film is Derailed Sense: a film about Vic Godard & Subway Sect. This has played at the BFI/NFT1, Regent St Cinema, Hackney Picturehouse, Brighton's Hotel Pelirocco, Edinburgh's Summerhall and New York University.

* which has played around the world at festivals, including: Montreal, Oslo, Malta and Croatia.



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